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Let's Eat Raw

by Scott Mathias

Format:Flexi Cover
Book Size:267 x 219 x 22 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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Scott Mathias is a former Television Journalist who now spends his time educating men and women in Australia and overseas on the importance of good gut function and healthy eating. His creativity in the kitchen has gained him an enviable culinary notoriety, which many celebrity chefs are beginning to embrace. He’s the author of two books, Understanding The Divine Gut – an anthology of the industrialisation of the food industry and its effects on the planet today and Let’s Eat Raw – filled with simple, raw vegan recipes that will not stress your body in any way.

After 45 years of chronic acid reflux and many other debilitating conditions that affected his daily life negatively, Scott researched and discovered the healing properties of Green Papaya and now produces his own range of digestive health solutions including Green Papaya Powder – locally grown and a natural source of healing enzymes which correct digestive dysfunction. This, in tandem with a healthy diet incorporating lots of live RAW plant proteins, ensures his clients create a clean, healthy inner environment which results in better sleep, clearer thinking and lots and lots more energy. Scott’s ‘Gut Whispering’ and Raw Food Demonstrations and Tastings attract audiences worldwide both on and offline, as awareness grows around the importance of ‘Live Food for your Live Body’. He also consults on an individual or group basis, providing an integrative perspective on how to lead a long, happy, healthy, productive and pain-free life, based on his own self-healing experience.