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Coastal Homes of the World

by Monique Butterworth

Page Extent:308 pages
Book Size:230 x 270 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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Many dream of living an idyllic existence by the sea. For more fortunate others it’s a wonderful reality. There’s something about the sea that attracts and mesmerizes us. We’re inspired by it, the sound of the ocean and the scent of it in the breeze. From walking along the shoreline with waves gently lapping our toes to diving headfirst under a wave; fishing in it to surfing or sailing upon it; writing about it; painting or photographing it – the ocean connects with us. Be it a simple, relaxed beach life or a more glamorous and aspirational verve, the coastal home design aesthetic is perennial in its appeal. Light, airy, calm and the embodiment of natural beauty – coastal home design goes beyond kitsch seashells and nautical themes. Showcased in this book is a broad snapshot of seaside living at its very best – a collection of some of the world’s most stunning waterfront properties, award-winning architecture, lavish interiors and spectacular views. A selection of innovative and striking coastal projects from around the globe – the variety reflects the countries diverse style, landscape and environment. Whether it’s the sound of the surf in your ears that you long for, views to die for or the feel of sand between your toes – you will be drawn to these coastal homes and the lifestyle they embody. Take this collection of homes and be inspired to create your own ‘coastal’ abode, in your own personal style. From the more traditional Hamptons style to the contemporary; modern; minimalist; ecological; bohemian; rustic; cottage or bungalow; Mediterranean, Scandinavian or Asian – coastal homes are much more than whites, blues and neutrals.

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Monique Butterworth