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  1. Selling Yourself to Employers

    by Tom O'Neil and Gaynor O'Neil

    9781869663261 | Paperback | 144 pages

    You may have the skills to gain a new career or win a dream job but if you are unable to sell yourself to a prospective employer, that potential is unrealised.

    Discover how you can stand out from the competition and receive more job opportunities and better value job offers than ever before.

    The achievements questionnaire will help you to discover and identify personal key career highlights and assist in marketing your skills to potential employers.

    With sections on r sum s, covering letters, interviewing tips, networking, direct marketing, salary negotiation and career goal-setting, this book is packed with information. Special downloadable tools include r sum and letter templates for immediate use.

    Simply key in the ISBN from your book, register and access the templates. The book also includes up-to-date tips and information about social networking, online resources and long-term career planning

  2. You're Hired

    by Tom O'Neil

    9781742577890 | Paperback | 176 pages | 209 x 137 x 22 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

    In today's fast paced society, finding the perfect job can at times leave you feeling dejected and unmotivated.
    You re Hired will give you the opportunity to put your best self forward when approaching the job market.
    Readers will learn about job-hunting in 21st century marketplace and with the O Neil questionnaire, they can identify career high points and create a personal brand to market to potential employers.
    There is up-to-the-minute practical detail about social media strategy, resumes, covering letters, interviewing tips, networking, direct marketing, salary negotiation and career goal-setting.
    Special downloadable tools include resume and letter templates are available to access online.
    An essential addition to every job hunters arsenal.

  3. Just Stop Motivating Me

    by Gavin Freeman

    9781742577807 | Paperback | 191 x 141 x 11 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

    In the business world, motivated staff at every level can make or break a team. The drive to work smarter, faster and harder can be overwhelming if not properly understood.
    Just Stop Motivating Me is a new way of looking at why we act the way we do, how we can create smarter work environments and what is needed for individuals to change the way they work. Introducing the concepts of motivation to succeed and motivation to avoid failure as part of a wider motivational continuum, this book delves into the human psyche, which determines our ability to maintain or change how we approach work. With testimonials and interviews with CEOs, senior executives and coaches, Just Stop Motivating Me is bound to leave you feeling motivated and ready to take on the world.

  4. Business Etiquette

    by Patsy Rowe

    9781921024368 | Paperback with flaps | 209 x 140 x 16 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

    Do you want to polish your personal skills and be more successful at whatever you do? If you want to get to the top in the business world, you need to have an extra edge over the competition.


    First impressions last and people will be impressed if you have great social skills to go with your business know-how. Business Etiquette provides the strategies to achieve success by demonstrating what to do, when to do it, and most importantly, how to do it.

    What you ll discover in this book is:

    - appropriate grooming for men and women

    - How to manage your cyber CV and apply successfully for jobs online.

    - The value and role of social media in job search today.

    - Strategies to shine at the job interview plus techniques for successful Skype interviews.

    - how to make effective introductions

    - The key to being assertive: how to say no when you need to.

    - How to turn small talk into big business: how to mix n mingle and increase your database.

    - How to be a respected manager.

    - How to deal with being dissatisfied or unhappy in your job.

    - Today s gender etiquette when and if to stand, open a door, buy the drinks and pay for lunch and

    - Wining, dining and winning whether as a host or as a guest.

    - guidelines for using and interacting with social media and digital technology in the workplace and how to use these appropriately.


    Patsy Rowe is a best-selling author of ten books. She conducts seminars and coaches internationally on Business Etiquette, as well as being a keynote speaker at over 100 corporate speaking engagements each year. She is also a popular columnist, book critic and makes regular appearances on radio and television.

Set Ascending Direction


4 Item(s)